Friday, July 17, 2015



It was sad to say goodbye but Elder Canales left to go to arequipa and
Elder Kehoe from Las Vegas came!! He is from my mtc group, he is
great. He is really obedient and will be a great help in our area. My
companion finishes his mission this transfer, i think i am going to
stay here for 12 more weeks! This is good, our area really is
progressing and we have 10 baptismal dates for the next month.

The Power of Prayer!!! Last week my comp and i asked our families to
pray for 3 of our investigators. The mom accepted a job and was
losing her desire to be baptized. We were about to drop them and move
on but during the week they did a 180! We had a great lesson and
cleared up some of their doubts! SHe said if she received an answer
that she would drop her job and get baptized!!

The German family that we have been teaching came to church yesterday!
They lived in Germany for 15 years and her son was born there. They
have a date for the 2nd of May to be baptized. In sacrament meeting we
sang Love at Home and during the song i saw the mom look at her son
and gave him a side hug. The happiness i saw on their faces made it
all worth it! I felt the spirit so strong and i know that this gospel
can bring such happiness into peoples lives.

We have been studying the importance of Temple marriages. Here in
chivay none of the members have gone to the temple and the majority
arent married. In this world it has become normal to live with someone
and not get married. Marrage is the most simple and essential
comandment God has given us! Adam and Eve were the first but after
the great apostasy it became one of the "precious and simple" things
that have been taken away from the orignal church of Jesus Christ.
Many if not all of the other churchs just focus on baptism but there
are other covenants that they have forgotten. Marrage is essential and
it is not until death do you apart but for all of the eternities. Im
grateful to have parents and 3 sisters that have been sealed for this
life and eternity. This is what God wants, it gives our life purpose.
I hope that everyone can have an eternal perspective on life!

Thanks for all the love and support from home! Pray for us here in Chivay

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