Friday, July 17, 2015

God answers prayers

Hey Family and Friends,

This week was awesome! We had 28 brothers and sisters attend church
yesterday, our goal is to reach 50 and to call a new Branch President.
We are trying to motivate the members to give us references so we can
work together.  The members have a strong impact on missionary work,
they can relate better with the people that live here and when we get
changed they will continue to be their friends and help them endure to
the end.

This week we have two possible baptisms! The lady that contacted us
(#chosen) and her son that was born in Germany! She has another son
that wants to be baptized but he lives in Arequipa, so we will give
the missionaries his address to teach him. She came to church
yesterday and bore her testimony in Sunday school about how she had
tons of problems in her life but after our visits she began to live
how God wanted her to live and that now she is happy and excited to
become a member!

I received a strange call this week. One of our members called me and
said ¨Eldercito por favor ayudame, se me a escapado ocho toros¨ they
have a farm and 8 bulls had escaped. We went at night in the pitch
black to go look for them! We walked through forests, swamps and all
kind of farm lands to find them and after thirty minutes of looking we
found them. We herded them back to their stall but one ran away. We
went to go find it and I thought I heard it on the other side of the
rock fence. I climbed up and the fence collapsed! I fell with all the
rocks and twisted my ankle. In the process falling into some bull crap
haha. After all of this I couldn’t help but laugh and think how many
other people have this happen during their mission?

A spiritual experience that we had was one night we were looking for
new investigators. We couldn’t find anyone, every door we knocked
nobody came out or didn’t want to listen. While walking in the street
I felt like we should pray to be guided where to go. We prayed and
after we just started walking, we started to climb up to a more remote
area and the first door that I knocked the family accepted us and
believed in everything we said. Turns out that the daughter is friends
with two girls who are less active and yesterday they all came

I know that God answers prayers! It is really important to have the
spirit to be guided where God wants us to go. Try to read the
scriptures with the spirit seeking revelation instead of reading just
to read. The spirit has helped me understand more of the mysteries of
God and has helped me to be happy.

Thanks for all the love and support, I can’t wait to see my family on
mother’s day!!

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