Friday, July 17, 2015

Growth in Culca

Hey Family and friends!!

This week was interesting. We got back from conference and 2 days
later we went back to Arequipa for our zone conference. The day
following we had multi zone conference, so we spent most of the week
in Arequipa. It was awesome; I got to catch up with my friends from
the MTC at the conference. I saw Elder Olsen for the first time since
we left and Sister Larsen’s zone got shut down due to the civil war
going on so now she is in my zone again! Haha

My comp goes home in the next 6 weeks. He went a bought two new suits,
he said one is for going home and one is for getting married! haha It
was good to be in Arequipa again, I feel like im at home. The only bad
thing is that we didn’t have much to do after the conference. We
stayed with the office elders and did divisions with them.

We had all of our less active members that we have been working with
attend yesterday! The branch is doing well.  Our president confirmed
to us that they are not going to shut our area down!!!! But it isn’t
mission accomplished just yet, we need to prepare and call a new
branch president.

Our investigators had their baptismal date for this Saturday but we
postponed it for one more week because she still doesn’t feel ready.
If you could pray for this family it would help us a ton!  (Valentina
Alicia Quispe Cayani, Cristian angel cayahua quispe, and Oscar Daniel
cayahua quispe)

Our investigator has been reading and asking if the book of mormon is
true. She still hasn’t received an answer but we found out that she
was doubting it. We had a great lesson about how we need to ask and
not doubt. I used a cool example, if I told you that a dragon was
behind you and you doubt me you wont look but if you question it you
would look to find out if I was telling the truth. It is the same with
the church.  Everyone should find out for themselves and receive their
own testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel. I have received many
testimonies in my life and on my mission and now im using them to convert
myself to the gospel. I know that what we preach is true and if we
live it we will be happy. Its really simple. You can only rely on your
parents testimony so long and there comes a point when you need to
find out for yourself.

Today we went to ¨cruz del condor¨! Another zone from Arequipa came up
(zamacola) .It was beautiful, there were at least 10 condors. We went
for free because we live in the canyon. I am a local. :) We got to stay and study
looking out over the canyon and with condors flying over our heads! It
was an amazing experience

Things are great! We are working hard and having fun. Thanks for all
the love and support from home, The Church is True

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