Friday, July 17, 2015

A Baptism in the River

Hey Everyone,
This week was really eventful! We met a new family and they accepted
to be baptized! Our mission president came up to chivay to baptize his
grandaughter in the river and we took our members to Arequipa to watch

This week was great, here in Chivay they had a big festival for
(semaƱa santa).  The put up a market in the town square and tons of
tourist from all over came. One night they carried a huge dedicatory
image for the virgin mary. On Friday the little kids did a reanactment
of the life of Jesus.

President came up on Thursday with his family. He baptized his
grandaughter and we got to be apart of the confirmation. .Even though it
was a small baptism the spirit was really strong. They had waited 6
months to be able to baptize her in Peru, the grandaughter was determined
and was baptized in freezing cold water. It was great to talk to
president and get to know his family, they are great people. He took
us to lunch and he told me that my mom likes his instagrams and then
he showed me her profile! Haha

We paid for a small bus to take our members down to Arequipa, not all
of them could go but 15 went. It was great for them to see how the
church is really run and what they could have. My goal is to have this
branch become a ward, it was great for the members to see how
beautiful the chapel is. After the first session on Sunday we had
lunch for the members but alot of them left! They dont live here so
they must have gone shopping or something, so we had to have our own
easter scavanger hunt looking for the members! haha

I loved conference. Being a missionary i feel like alot applies to my
life and i love all of the prophetic advice i can get. One talk that
i liked was by Elder Michael Ringwood, i felt the spirit really strong
and felt like this talk was just for me. It was an answer to my
prayers, sometimes we get caught up in the ¨Success¨of other
missionaries. In my mission i havent had tons of baptisms and to this
point any leadership positions but  ¨callings come and go¨ i shouldnt
seek the praise of man but the praise of God. He knows that i am being
obedient and working hard, the service that counts most is usually the
service that Gods sees alone.

Highlights of the conference. Uchdorf talking in german! Haha im sure
all the german members got stoked and then he went back to english….
(  -_-) And the Marriot family came to visit me at the stake center.
It was good to see them , practically my other family.
Some quotes that i liked were ¨We come to church not to hide our
problems but to heal them¨ Dieter F. Uchdorf and  ¨Life is not
confined to a four inch screen¨Jose Teixeira.

Alot of people made sacrifices just to see conference! I hope that
everyone can put into practice what the Lords servants have taught.
Live in such a way that when people see you your light will contrast
theirs and they will want to know what you have! 

We are all spiritually sick and need to go to the church to be healed.

I love living in the canyon serving the Lord!

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