Friday, July 17, 2015


Hey Family!

This week was great! We got a lot accomplished and things are
progressing. Yesterday at church we had 31 brother and sisters attend,
a lot better than the 9 when I got here. We now have 7 baptism dates
for April! 5 of the 7 came to church yesterday. The family (Alicia,
Christian and Daniel) came for their third time and are ready for
baptism. Keep praying for this family, all they need is to receive an
answer to their prayers about the Book of Mormon.

We go to the market every morning to eat breakfast (we don’t have
anyone to cook for us). We usually eat avocado sandwiches with a
quinua. One day this lady came up to us and was kind of mad at us. She
said that she has seen the missionaries walk past her shop and they
have never talked to her. We set up an appointment with her and turns
out that she lived in Germany. She has two sons and one of them was
born in Germany. We taught them and she was really interested. We have
another appt. tonight! I never thought I would have a chance to
baptize a German in my mission!

Our zone leaders came up this week to have divisions. It was good to
get to know them. They had a hard time adjusting to the climate. The
power went down and we had to shower in freezing water and then later
they shut off the water! One adventure after the other.

The other group of elders went to Arequipa for leadership training so
I had to step in as Branch President. It was really interesting, this
week we had to plan general conference. There isn’t a satellite
connection here for us to use, so we have to go to Arequipa to see the
conference. I was in charge of putting it all together, it is a big
responsibility but I hope we can carry it through. We are going to pay
for two vans to take all of us there and we have to figure out the
food arrangements etc.

While im writing this email the man next to me is asking for help to
upload photos to Facebook. Haha I know less than he does, its sad. I
feel soo disconnected from the world.

Things are great! Im happy and healthy. I cant wait for the conference
this week. Love you all, thanks for you love and support. I can feel
your prayers.

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