Friday, July 17, 2015


This week was crazy! We had some amazing experiences!
One day it rained all day, because the altitude is really high it
gets really cold. We were walking and we found a drunk old lady in the
street/mud shaking and rocking back and forth. We asked a man working
in a shop across the street if he knew her, he said no but she has
been there since 1 (it was now 7). She had been there in the freezing
cold for 5 or 6 hours. She didn’t feel the cold because of how drunk
she was. We weren’t going to leave her there so we stayed with her.
She was foaming out the mouth and she couldn’t speak Spanish (only
qechua). We tried helping her up but she fought us off, we gave her
food and she threw it at us, we finally got her to stand and she
punched me and fell back down. By this time we had drawn a crowd of
people watching us try to help. In this small village someone
recognized her and went to go find her daughter. Things calmed down
and everyone went away but we sat with her in the rain waiting for her
daughter. After a half hour her daughter finally came and brought a
motto taxi but the old lady wouldn’t move. She was drunk, dirty and
soaking wet but I picked her up and carried her to the taxi. She
fought me in the process, but we got her safely into the taxi and to
her house. Maybe she would have died or maybe she would have been
fine but I like to think that we did some good.

Another experience that we had was. One day we were walking and we
felt like we should knock a door. We knocked and told the lady that we
are representatives of Jesus Christ and we have a message that will
bless her family. She let us in and her family was all gathered in
one room. Her son was in the bed sick, they said that he can’t walk
or eat. He had lost a lot of weight and he looked really bad. In our
opening prayer we asked to bless him that he might gain his strength
back. After the prayer we looked and the mom was crying. She told us
that this morning she prayed for the first time in a while asking God
to send help for her son. She told us that she knew God sent us. We
taught a powerful lesson and at the end I felt prompted to offer a
blessing (I’m usually scared to give blessings and let my comp give
them). After the blessing we asked him to stand and he stood, he
walked around a little and told us he felt better.
We came back the next day to see how he felt, he was back to normal
walking and eating again. We invited this family to be baptized April
18th, they accepted. They came to church yesterday and had a spiritual
experience. God has a lot of ways of answering prayers. I’m grateful
that we found this family and to have the blessing of the Priesthood
in our lives. If you could help us with this family and pray for them,
their names are Alecia, Christian and Daniel.
Im teaching a temple prep class and English classes. We went to the
town hall and got my English class sponsored by the city. They are
going to help us advertise (banners, flyers and they put an ad on
their local news channel). We are expecting it to be a big hit because
this town is a big tourist attraction and could help the people get

Things are great! We didn’t have any changes, its still us 4 in
Chivay. President interviewed everyone in the mission last month
besides us, and in him email last week he said that he had interviewed
everyone HAHA! I guess we aren’t part of the mission Arequipa anymore
#MissionColcaCanyon. I think im going to be with Elder Pulido for 12
more weeks. Which is great, we are working hard and seeing miracles.
Love you all, the church is true and it changes lives.

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