Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Prayer and Packages


This week was good. Their summer is Dec, Jan and Feb. so alot of members are coming back from their vacations. We have taught different families and they are starting to come back to church. Some come one week and the next week no, so we are trying to get all of the people we are teaching to come regularly. We still havent had our investigators show up, in these first 5 weeks here we have contacted and taught about 50 new investigators. 4 of the 50 have baptismal dates but really none of them are keeping their commitments. At times its a little discouraging but we will keep working with them and continue looking for the people that God has prepared for us.

 We helped a member paint his house. He has a big shed out in his farm that he wants to turn into a restaurant. We helped him paint the walls, it was a lot of work but fun. After painting for a while we got into a little bit of a paint war which ended with buckets being poured on our heads. We are working alot with the members, strengthening them in their families and helping them with service. Our branch needs leaders so we are helping them first become leaders in their homes (family home evenings, reading and praying). 

I got a package from olivia and will! it was great and somehow had all the things that i needed. Thanks liv! 

We are the only missionaries that president hasnt interviewed! haha its kind of funny, we feel like we are isolated from the mission. Things are great here, the weather is starting to clear up, not so much rain. We started to go running in the morning, this morning we ran along the river and worked out. We see alot of tourist here, i have helped people order food and answer questions. We have taught some people from canada and italy. It is really weird to preach the gospel in english, i have to stop myself from speaking spanish.

Everything is great! Thanks for all the love and support from home. 

Have a great week!!

(( Elder Diederich would LOVE hearing from each of you! Life can get a bit lonely on top that tiny little mountain.. His address is to the side and email is as well!! Thank You!! Letters mean EVERYTHING to missionaries ))

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