Monday, February 23, 2015


I got changed!! I’m now in Chivay, which is a small village by colca canyon. Im going to be the 2ndcounselor in the branch presidency! Hahah there are four missionaries here. My comp is from Mexico, he still hasn’t come yet. He only has 4 months left in the mission. There are about 80 members in our branch. Of the 80 only 20 are active. They are mostly women so we don’t have any priesthood. The culture here is really strong, almost all of the men drink.  I took a van to get here, it was a three hour drive. I have only been here for an hour but I love it. It is really beautiful, the only down side is that it rains like crazy and sometimes snows.
This will be a great experience. It is complete opposite of my last area. The only things that is the same is the work. They don’t baptize a lot here, if they do its in a river! The church is just a house. We don’t have a pensionista so we will have to start cooking and going out to eat. The internet is really slow, it took me 8 minutes to login. So if I don’t get an email out to everyone im sorry! I probably wont be able to send photos for the next little while.

Im opening up an area that was closed. They were planning on closing this whole area but we will see what we can do to change that! Time is going by so fast, i miss you all. Thanks for all the love and support! PrayforChivay

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