Monday, February 23, 2015


Chivay!! This week has been great! We started this week without a
phone so we just went to work! We tried to visit the members but the
houses don't have numbers so we go to the street and ask for the
families we are looking for. A lot of the members have moved to Arequipa. We have been
doing alot of contacting but we ran into the same problem. The people
can only describe what their house looks like. We contacted a family
that lives in an even smaller village an hour away called Lari. We
took a bus one morning and went out there to teach him. The bus ride
was one of the most scenic rides i have ever been on. This Canyon is
so beautiful. We couldn't call him but the first door we knocked on
knew him!! haha

My companion is great! Elder Pulido from Mexico. He is very
consecrated, we work great together. He is very direct with the people
and gets to the point. He isn't afraid to testify to everyone. I have
already learned so much from him. It has rained here everyday since i
came, one night i was really cold and walking through mud thinking
about how long the day had been and he looked over to me and said "wow it
smells great after the rain"! He is really optimistic and i love that.

I was in charge of conducting the sacrament meeting yesterday. At 10
there was nobody there, i began the meeting talking to myself haha.
Eventually 9 members slowly came in. We have our work cut out for us! I have
faith that we were called here for a purpose and that we really can
change this area for the BETTER! My testimony grows every day! I know
this Church is the Church of GOD!!! and we will find you!
Elder Mitchell D

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