Monday, February 23, 2015


This week was great! We started off the week with zone training. We
are about 3 hours out of Arequipa but our zone is Umacollo. So we went
to Arequipa and slept in the mission home and had our training the
next day. President told us that he was going to shut down all of
Chivay but he is giving it one last chance, we have 6 months to
reactivate and baptize. He wants the branch to be stable with
Priesthood and strong members. We have a lot of work cut out for us!
Elder O’Brien is in my zone, it was good to see a familiar face!

Fun events: We did service in one of our members farms. We got to
explode a boulder and helped them clean up and move things around.
Today my old zone manuel prado and my new zone Umacollo came up to
visit Colca canyon. We went down the canyon where the condors are but
it was really foggy, we couldn’t see anything. I felt bad for them,
the woke up at 1 to come here and couldn’t see anything. Haha but we
had fun, it was good to see all my friends from my old zone!

Cool experience! My first baptism was a girl named Thalia, she was
living in my old area for school. We heard that her dad lives here in
Chivay but another village. We went to this village and asked for his
name and the first person we asked knew him! We visited him! It was
cool to meet my converts parent. He is isrealita (Believes in the 10
commandments of Moses). We are going to teach him again this week!

We have been contacting and working hard in our area! WE have two
baptismal dates for march. The people here have a lot of false ideas
of the church. I can imagine what it felt like to be the pioneers.
People see us in the street and walk the other way or hide their
faces. The members here get called names ¨la mormona¨ or ¨loco¨ and
isolated from the other churchs but our branch is really loving and
good examples. We had a testimony meeting in church, it was really
spiritual. They all have great testimonies and are optimistic to
change this area.

My email is going to be a little bit longer because I can’t open up my
email here. The internet is really slow here so I am writing this in
Microsoft and I will copy and paste it.
Fun facts about my area!
-It includes all the villages of colca canyon
- We will baptize in the river
-It has rained here every day I have been here
-We can walk across our village in 15 minutes

Pray for Chivay. I want to enter into the river for a baptism! 

Mitch Man

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