Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This week i had my first two baptisms!!

It was an amazing experience. We went to the church early to clean the font. My comp accidently dropped my pen in the water, when i was trying to fish it out with a broom stick my agenda fell in too!! the joke of the zone now is that my first baptism was my agenda haha! 

We had the water hot and ready for the baptism, we left to get ready and when we came back the font was half empty... we had to feel the rest up with cold water! It was freezing but you could still feel the warmth of the spirit! 

The most rewarding part was to hear their testimonies after! 

It was really spiritual.

Things are great in our area! The work is moving and things are fine. 
The language has improved, i can understand almost everything. Its just finding words that is hard for me! I have started to form great relationships with the people here!

Yesterday i got karate kicked by a drunk guy! 4 months ago i would have been really mad but i just kept on walking. Im still the same person i was but being on the mission i have gained better attributes and am starting to have more patience. I am learning a lot. There are so many life lessons in the mission that you couldn't learn anywhere else. 

There is no place I would rather be than here in Arequipa.

My testimony has grown so much! This gospel has given me so much happiness. I know without a doubt i am doing what i need to be doing! Thanks for the love and support. 

elder d

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