Tuesday, January 6, 2015

This week was great! 

At the beginning i got sick. I had a fever and a bad stomach. But i eventually got over it and now i am healthy! You take for granted the times you have good health or when you have something.Or you dont realize how lucky you are to have your family until they are gone.

This week I gave a blessing to a man who has lost his wife. He is a member in the sisters area, i gave him a blessing of comfort with what spanish i could. I hope that it helped. Honestly, having the knowledge of the plan of salvation is such a blessing. We can all return to our loved ones.

My companion hit 2 years in the mission this week! We burnt a shirt to celebrate!

The girl that i have told you about who had a drinking problem, we rescued her and her sister. Now there whole family is active. The have recommendations for their patriarchal blessings! They are awesome, i have been teaching them english to help them. They were applying for jobs in the states and they passed!

I just want to brag real quick about our recent converts! Leydi and Thalia are reading everyday. Thalia has completed 2nd Nephi and now she is starting to share the gospel with her friends. They came to church yesterday 10 minutes early, which is really impressive for peruvians. They are attending institute and they are just the best!

We are working now on an eternal investigador (eroz) ! He wants to be baptized but his mom wont let him, she is less active. He has attended for about 4 years, practically a member. We are also working on a 30 year old mom  (maritza) and her two daughter! 

Everything is great! Im happy and healthy. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving.

 Im grateful for you all!!

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