Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lo Maximo

Congrats to Eliza and Josh! Such a beautiful baby! Im so excited to meet her! I was asked this week (why don't women have the priesthood) and i learned a lot from my companion. His dad left him so he is a mommas boy but he said a mother is the only one that can be the mom and dad. The mothers will always have a special connection to the baby and the miracle of life is equal if not better than the priesthood. Im grateful for my mom and eliza, and all the mothers I know. I know its not mothers day but im grateful for the role they play in our lives.

Ever since i have been in the field we have been trying to contact a family. They are less active and we have knocked their door every day. We finally went to the moms work and when she saw that i was american she wanted me to help her kids with english. So we exchanged english lessons for a church lesson. Haha so we usually teach less actives the importance of the sacrament and attending church but my companion told me that he felt like we should teach the Word of Wisdom which is kindof weird but we went for it. They said they would attend after the lesson but yesterday they didnt. We went to their house to follow up and the girl said that she was at a party and up late/too tired to come to church. Usually we would have left it at that but i felt prompted to ask "did you keep the word of wisdom?" and she said in her little english "why you ask me this?" and then she started to cry.... she told us that she drank and she needs help. We would have never known she had this problem but through the spirit we found out and helped her.

This week we did service! The primary elections are over here so we got to take down all of the political ads. We hopped into the back of a uhaul type truck and got dropped off at the top of the road. We had a ladder and wire cutters so we climbed up telephone poles and cut them down. It was fun but our ladder had small shards of glass and would cut us every time we climbed up it. It felt good to do service and we had many opportunities to share the gospel because of our service.

I got to go on divisions with Elder Chaves! He is a great missionary and taught me some great things. Like your first lesson could be your last and he taught me how to get people addresses (don't question them just tell them your going to visit) haha it works. We taught a 14 year old who lost his mom, i taught him how to pray. It is pretty much the only thing this kid has, it made me sad. I want to give him everything i have

Its funny how the lessons i teach can also help me! I taught why bad things happen to bad people and how there is opposition in all things. Without the trial and sadness we wouldnt know the happiness. The week started off rough but it turned out to be great. We didnt have much success early on but if i was getting tons of baptisms out the gate it would be hard to have rough times later on. I know what it is like to work hard for one investigator and have disappointment and because of this i will be more happy when this investigator is baptized. We have two baptisms on November 15, im so excited and i hope that they hold true to this date and are ready! I would rather have one true conversion my whole mission than 100 less actives. 

I'm grateful for all the love and support from home! Things are good in Peru, time is flying by. My testimony grows every day im out here, i wouldn't trade this experience for the world! 


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