Tuesday, October 14, 2014

tender mercies

This week has been great! We are in the process of rescuing a less active family. It is great to see the gospel return into these peoples lives. While teaching this less active family the mom asked me to bear my testimony in english. I was caught off guard forgetting how to even speak english. I started off rocky accidently putting in words like nuestro or familia, but after i got a grip of what i was saying i started to talk about my family. Which lead to being emotional, i could feel the spirit really strong and i know that even though they didnt understand what i said they could feel the spirit also.

Spiritual experience this week: We are teaching a 19 year old girl named Thalia. She has gone to church once and is reading the BOM. We told her how she could feel the spirit and pray to know for the truthfulness of this gospel. The next lesson she told us that she had a dream with my companion and i in white. It was a little weird and then she went on describing the room being white and every thing else. She also mentioned a pool inside this room.... keep in mind that she has never seen a baptismal font or been to the temple. She took it as an answer to her prayers, even though it is significant i wasnt sure that God communicated through dreams (besides Lehi). Later this week we watched conference and i forgot who but an apostle said that one of the ways we can have prayers answered is through dreams.....pretty neat huh

This made me think back to the first week in the field. I dont think i told you this but the first week i was feeling a little homesick. I had what i thought to be a nightmare but now i know to be an answer to my prayer. My dream was that i came home and i felt this guilt and then i came back out to the field. When i woke up i was hoping that i was still in the field haha it is funny how the Lord works.

Conference was great. It was amazing and a testimony builder to see so many people show up to hear the messages. It is something i took for granted when i was a kid, but for some reason being a missionary everything they say seems to apply to my life so much more. To hear the choir sing and our apostles/ prophet speak was so great. It was a good motivation to kick off my mission with these messages in my head.

Things are good hear in Peru. This gospel makes me so happy, thanks for all your love and support!


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