Monday, September 29, 2014


Wow im actually in the field!!!

The last week in the CCM was great. It was sad to say goodbye to all the other elders but i know that the greatest lies ahead for all of us! MY last time prosyliting in the CCM and guess who is my companion.... ELDER MEACHAM (same school/friend) He has been in the CCM for two weeks and his spanish is amazing. We went out in Chorillos again and went to find less actives but none were home and we got a bag thrown at us, but hey it was fun being his companion even though we were only handing out two or three pamphlets.

When we got here we went to the temple ground! It is beautiful, they had to purchase the property from 28 different owners. I talked to president about Hermana Mahas and he said great things/ she is doing really good. I hope i get to see her.

My new companion is ELDER CANCHARI, one of the greatest guys i know. He is from Callao Peru and he has two months left in the mission. Our area has pavement! so pretty much one of the nicest areas in Arequipa haha ( Lambramani). 

My pensionista's name is Mamma Gloria! She is a great cook, alot of rice, potatos and meat. The first day we all went through basic training with the president and AP´s and one of the first rules we were told was not to eat lettuce. On the first night, what do you know.... lettuce! But i trust her, she has been doing this for 14 years and i havent got sick yet.

The language is pretty solid. I can convey my thoughts really well in lessons but street talk i get lost. It is a work in progress.

I love the work, missionary work is hard work. we walk alot and get shut down alot. This area is pretty nice so the people arent as humble. It was discouraging when all of our people with baptism dates and one of our recent converts didnt come to church. It makes you just want to grab them and shake them!! 

We taught a lesson with a less active mom, her daughter is a member and her other daughter isn´t . She started crying and the spirit was really strong, it was the first time i really realized the impact of what we do. It is suprising how much the ward can help missionaries, without references we are lost sheep. 

Things our good! Ive had to get over my ocd with constant dirt in our room but we are serving the lord. The people are more important then a luxurious life style!

elder d

meet his trainer!

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