Wednesday, September 17, 2014

last week in the MTC

Wow this MTC experience has flown by! I have learned so much but the language still needs a big improvment. I can teach lessons and talk about the gospel all day, but when the topic changes i am lost! Haha hopefully it will come fast in the field. Im going to miss being around so many missionaries. I have met some amazing people and want to stay in contact post mission.
On Sunday i got to bless the sacrement in spanish! It was great, they didnt have a microphone so i had to say it really loud. I helped out the branch president with getting everything set up and preparing for the meeting. It made me excited to have my own ward to go to and help out/get to know the members. Elder Hill taught sunday school, he was a big part in putting together Preach My Gospel. He is very intelligent/spiritual, it was a great meeting.
Last night we got to watch our first live fireside from provo! It was an amazing experience to sing Called To serve with around 1,800 missionaries around the world. I felt connected with my friends in the Provo Mtc. Elder Scott spoke on prayer. It was great, it really strengthened my testimony. I learned a couple things i hadnt really thought about before.
I can relate prayer to my mission, leaving my home was like coming to earth. I left to do Gods work with the goal to return with honor. I miss those who i left but he provided a way that i could speak to him. he loves me and wants to talk to me. I should take every opportunity i have to talk to him.
Prayers should not be repetitive. If i called my family everyday and just said hi/goodbye it would be meaningless. I would want to talk to my children everday if i had the chance. Prayer is one of the greatest gifts that God gave everyone. It is what restored this Gospel to its fullness.
I challenged myself and i challenge you to pray longer and more sincerely, speak your prayers quietly (i sometimes let my mind wander, so its good to know what your saying), and share all your feelings.
During elders scotts talk, he anwered my prayers by talking about them. Prayers arent always answered immediatly but they will be, all in Gods timing.

I love you all and am thankful for the support. My testimony grows each and every day. I know that God is real and he loves everyone of us. I know the gospel is true and we are members of Gods restored church on the earth today.

Next email will be from Arequipa!!!

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