Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WEEK 4 and moving UP

  Im an advanzado now! It is weird to think that im only here for two more weeks!
    I went proselyting  on Saturday! We went to this place an hour away called Churillos. I had a latino companion, his name is Elder Peña! He is one of the nicest, most humble person i have ever met. We had a member from the local branch come with us and we went to go talk to less actives. I know you might think the last generation of missionaries were great but... they got the baptisms and now we have to reactivate them!! Haha it made me realize the importance of conversion, not just baptism. We went from house to house, the neighbor hood was really poor. It is indescribable how poor they are. it made realize just how lucky we are.. why are we so blessed? 

    We walk out in front of the house and clap or tap a coin on the bar. Most of the people were not home but we went to a house looking for a less active dad. He wasnt home but his family was. We had planned a lesson for an hour, just for the less actives (enduring to the end, importance of the sacrement ect.) so we got to teach his two daughters and wife. Mariña, Mayria and Ingrid. We had to totally change our game plan and teach about the restoration and plan of salvation. I was suprised at how much i could understand. This was my first real teaching experience as a missionary. Mainly my companion would talk and i would bear testimony and add why i thought the principle was important. I taught them how to pray and we gave them books of mormon and challenged them to read and pray about it. I guess we got carried away because what should have been a 10 minute lesson for the less actives turned into an hour and thirty minutes. After that we didnt have much time to do anything so we went back. I dont think you could google map the city but try it for fun, alot of dogs and dirt.

    My first fast sunday! at the CCM we dont really have an option not to fast because they dont make food. I feel guilty, growing up i only really did a couple day fasts. It was usually, wake up  and dont eat cereal. But we fasted for 24 hours, i fasted for my family and Elder smith with his knee injury (keep me updated).  I bore my testimony and felt like a baby because i started to cry. The spirit is so strong here, hearing the testimonies of others is great. So powerfully and spiritual.

We went to migrations to get our peruvian IDs. It took 4 plus hours... but afterwards we got pizza hut, so that was good!! I felt good to eat american food and not rice haha!

We said goodbye to the old latinos, it is so said saying goodbye. We really get connected to these people because there are only about 100 of us here. Today with the new wave of missionaries, the ccm is running at full capacity. I saw Elder Meacham today, it is good to see a familiar face from home. We got new roomates but i havent meet them yet.

Going to the temple is the only really time i get peace and quit. we are constantly learning, singing and with our companions. Not to mention the constant jack hammer construction outside. but even at night i have a roomate that snores so the temple is so great. I get to sit and get a break from everything. I can listen to it in spanish and understand almost everything, just a few words i dont get.

Good to hear that everything at home is going well. Love you guys and thanks for the support! I wouldnt want to be anywhere else or doing anything else then serving a mission in Peru.

          God Bless. Elder D

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