Wednesday, September 3, 2014

week three in the empty sea

This email will be a little shorter. 

Not alot has happend, it is just the same old stuff.
Last P day at night i gave  my whole room haircuts. I pretended like i knew what i was doing! haha it was hilarious, they turned out great. while cutting elder mathesons hair i was getting around his ear and i accidently pushed in and gave him a squared shape. It looked fine the next day.

The new elders came in and remember how in an earlier email i talked about the stairs of no return? (the womens stairs) we watched a new latino elder walk down the stairs and everyone was laughing saying ¨shouldnt he be headed home¨ but i with my little spanish asked him if he needed help. I helped him find his bags and then i carried them up three stories. I didnt think much of it but now every time i see elder cuba he comes and shakes my hand and says gracias gracias. I guess it meant alot to him, so that was cool.

On monday we decided that our district would try to have exact obedience. It doesnt sound hard but it is, there are weird rules you would never think about. You have to read the BOM while your companion goes to the bathroom, use hand sanitizer before and after every meal. So we tried it and it was great, i felt the spirit alot stronger and it makes your day better.

Yesterday was my teachers pday and so we had a lot of time to study. I started the book of mormon when i got here and i just finished mosiah, im trying to finish it before i leave the CCM.

The language is getting a little bit harder, there is past tense and stuff you have to memorize but that will come in time. I memorized the first vision in spanish and now im learning moronis challenge.

This place feels like a prison and the only way you can get out is bad behavior! We joke around and say that CCM stands for Concentration Camp for Missionaries. But these are all jokes, we love it here and i am so glad i got called here rather than provo. I know almost every elder here and it just feels homie.

Today on the way to the temple the two songs on the radio were: beat it by mj and an amy whinehouse song.... The lord has a sense of humor! I Love you all, thanks for the emails/love and support! THE CHURCH IS TRUE AND MY TESTIMONY IS GROWING EVERYDAY!!

Mitch Man

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