Wednesday, September 3, 2014

week two

Where to begin.... everything is great!! I love the ccm, the food and the people are so great here. It feels like I have been here forever, but it also feels like I got here yesterday

The language is coming great! I find myself speaking to (investigators) without thinking about the proper conjugation. I think in spanish/english, it is so funny to here the elders in my district talk. We speak in English and randomly throw in Spanish words without thinking about it. We are in classes for pretty much the whole day, so we are always in a constant learning state of mind. Allot of como se dice from every elder. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days.

It is funny; we have to teach fake investigators to practice. Even though it is set up I feel the spirit so much when preaching the gospel. I come out of every lesson so confused because I don’t remember what I just said; the words just come to you.

Besides p day I got to leave this compound twice. One time to migrations for my paper work and one time for inter pol, to get my mug shot taken and my finger prints. It is nice to leave this place. The city is crazy, the cars do whatever they want put surprisingly there are not alot of crashes. It is really loud from honking and construction here, you can almost taste the pollution. I am excited to go to Arequipa because they say it is cleaner

You would laugh if you saw how OCD my locker/bags are.

We got to go to North Lima (los pinos) to go proselyte last Saturday!!! I was with an advanced missionary that has been here for 6 weeks. His name is elder Farnsworth, he is from Florida. He went to Stanford got a 35 on the ACT, and studies computer science. He is a genius and almost fluent in Spanish. Fluent meaning he could hold a gospel conversation, none of us know how to speak any (normal Spanish). Most elders went to less active members’ houses but we got to go walk around and proselyte. It was a real eye opener, I have never been in such a poor place in my life. People purposely don’t complete their house so they don’t have to pay property tax. We would walk up to people, I would introduce who we are and they would give us a blank stare and then we would say los mormones and then they would understand. We handed out 20 plus pamphlets, it was such a cool experience. I met a guy from Chicago and we got into a gospel conversation, he was asking me why God would need to have two books, he only believed in the bible. After chatting for 30 minutes he agreed to read the BOM and pray about it. That was such an awesome experience. A Peruvian family was talking to another pair of missionaries and they seemed really interested, they wanted to come to church this Sunday and learn more. After hearing this, I walked over to them and asked if they wanted a BOM and they said yes! Hopefully they will read it. At the end of the day we were all in a group about to get on the bus and leave and one of the most spiritual experiences I have had happened. An old Peruvian man walked up to me and said something about rubies in Spanish, I was confused and he walked away. I asked a leader what he said and he said ¨You guys have rubies in your eyes¨. I can only take this one way, the man can see the spirit and power we hold. That was pretty powerful.

On Sunday we listened to some talks given by apostles and Elder christopherson gave a talk with the same theme as my missionary scripture.¨the worth of souls is great¨. i love that scripture and I loved that talk, today I personalized a leather scripture case with my name and a picture of Jesus visiting the Americas and that scripture DC 18 12.

During personal study this week we were all sitting there and all of the sudden the books on our desks started to move. We felt an earthquake! So that was cool

All of the Latino missionaries only stay here for 2 weeks. They had been here the same amount as I have, I had grown close with many of them and it was hard to say goodbye. They are some of the nicest and humblest people I know. It was almost all of their first times on a plane (for their mission).

Also elder Roberts and the advanced missionaries left today. I feel like we run this CCM now. The new missionaries look so lost, I have been helping them move bags up stairs etc. i was in their place not long ago.

After all of our church meetings on Sunday we went to our district room and shared what talks we liked. It turned into a testimony meeting and was really spiritual, I love my district and companion. There is a reason we are together.

Funny thing of the week- At the end of the day they announced that they are having ice cream at the cafeteria. Everyone jumps up and starts running out of the class. The teacher yelled stop we aren’t done and one of the missionaries said ¨uh... my companion jumped out of the window (first floor) can I go now?  Before the Latinos left we met them in their rooms and raised a ¨laminite army´and we were going to storm into someone’s room and steal their candy but it got shut down.

I love you all! don’t worry about me, im having more fun than you are and im safe. Thanks for all of the support and love.

Elder D preaching in peru

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