Friday, July 17, 2015

Village Doc

Hey family and friends! This week started of good! My new comp and new
room are great but there is “opposition in all things”. Wednesday
morning i woke up with a sore throat and pain in my body, i later got
a fever and started to feel really sick. I called the mission nurse
and she told me to take some pills and i have been taking them and
drinking hot chocolate and mate. Nothing really seemed to be working
and at night I couldn’t breathe so we decided to go to the doctor
today. We found out that i have a bacterial infection in my throat and
it has started to spread. Since i haven’t been taking antibacterial
medicine it hasn't gotten any better but know they have prescribed 3
different types of pills to take for the next week.

My new comp is great! Turns out he worked at Swig in so
chances are that we have seen him before! haha We have been working
normally all week even though I’m sick. We have been working hard, and
helping the less active members. I can’t wait to get better so we can
work at our full capacity!

 On Saturday we had a camp fire with smores and watched Meet the
Mormons with the branch members and investigators. That movie always
brings me to tears, It is really spiritual and im sure it helped the
members. We had about 30 people come to our activity but the next day
at church we had about 7 members. I guess yesterday was flag day for
Peru and all the schools did a big activity in the middle of the town
and the only members that came were the ones without kids.

The counselor of president came up and set apart our new branch
president! It was very special and I’m positive that it will be a big
turning point in this branch. Things are progressing here in the colca
canyon! Have a great week everyone and happy summer!

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