Friday, July 17, 2015

quick post:

Hey family and friends!

Last week i had to say good bye to my comp. It was really hard, it was
the longest I have been with one comp (3 transfers).  I stayed with
the other elders all of this week. My new comp is Elder Malloy from my
group. He is from and has been in the office for 3 transfers
which is part of the same zone so we have had a chance to know each other in
these past months in our zone conferences. Im really excited for him
to come, it will be a little weird to have a comp that’s a gringo but
I know that we will work hard and be obedient.

Our member that has been in the hospital got better and is back. He is
from Arequipa but his wife works here as a teacher. But last week he
found a job here and is going to stay so we called him to be the next
branch president! It was an answer to our prayers and will be a great
help to this branch to have someone that will stay and someone that
the members can trust.
Our recent converts are great. They have come to church every week
since their baptisms. They have decided to move to Arequipa and the
mom doesn’t want to leave her hotel empty so we took advantage of my
comp being gone and we moved all of my stuff over there. It is a nicer
apartment, closer to the center of town, warmer at night and overall
better. We have space to have a small stove to cook, we made pancakes
this morning but I kind of burnt a lot of them! So if anyone has
recipes for poor missionaries and tips on how to cook please send them
to me!

Everything is great! Im excited to be here for another 6 weeks, 6
months of my mission is going to be inside of the colca canyon. A cool
talk I found last week is “Avoid It” by Lynn G Robbins. It’s was a
devotional given at BYU but it applies to everyone, I hope you guys
can find time to read it! Thanks for all the love and support, love
you all.
 Have a great week!

Elder D

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