Friday, July 17, 2015


Hey Family and Friends!

This morning we had a scary experience! We got called by one of our
members at 5 in the morning, she told us that her husband was having
heart problems and couldnt get up. We ran to the hospital in our
pajamas and asked for an ambulance. We road to his house and he
couldnt move, the doctors gave him medicine and then we helped him get
into the ambulance.

We went to our room to change our cloths and then we went to the
hospital. When we arrived to the hospital he was doing better but they
needed to take him to Arequipa for better medical treatment and to
prevent further problems.

While we were waiting outside one of the doctors came up to us and
asked if we knew korean. He explained to us that a korean man started
to throw up blood on his vacation and him and his wife dont know any
spannish. They were in the emergancy room and we went to see if they
knew any english. The wife was very panniced and afraid because they
had no idea what was going on. She spoke a little english and i helped
translate for the doctors. I helped them know if he drank, smoked, had
other problems like this, how old he is ect.

It was really a miracle that i could understand what she was saying.
She knew very little english like cold, money, help, husband, treking
ect and the rest she spoke korean but some how i could understand what
she needed.  She explained to me that her husband was really cold and
the attendance in this hospital is really bad so i gave his my hat,
gloves and scarf. Later they needed her to pay for the emergancy, the
medicine and the transport to arequipa. She only had her credit cards
and korean wons and us dollars. I helped her go to a hotel and change
her dollars for Peruvian soles. I helped her understand what she was
paying for and what was going on with her husband.

It was a long morning but i was glad that we could help in a little
way. The korean lady was really grateful for our service. She started
to cry and was happy that everything was getting better. She took out
her wallet and started handing out 1000 wons to us and all of the
doctors (equivelant to 1 dollar). It made me realize that the things
of this world really dont matter, we could loose everything tomorrow.
So its important that we value what we have today.

Im grateful for this gospel and the comfort it gives me to know that i
can be with my family forever. All i have to do is be obedient and
live how God wants me to. The mission has been full of great
experiences that have changed me life.

Photos- (We had to break into our apartment and i fixed the problem haha)

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