Friday, July 17, 2015

Meet the Mormons

Hey Family and Friends!

This week was really busy but really great! Projecting movies and
branch conference. This is my companions last week in the mission,
bittersweet/mixed emotions.

Last Wednesday we had a branch family home evening. We watched the
movie my sister sent me “Meet the Mormons”. It was great, at the end a
lot of the members were crying and we could feel the spirit really
strong. It made me really proud to be a Mormon!

We have been working with the city and we received permission to
project the videos of Christ’s life in the town square. On Friday we
put up a white sheet and projected the new videos our church made
about Christ’s life. Even though it was freezing cold a lot of people
came and watched the videos. When the videos ended we thought it would
be cool to put in Meet the Mormons. When we were watching the videos
of Christ there were more than 20 people but when we started meet the
Mormons all of them left within 2 minutes! Haha

Yesterday we had our branch conference. We had the zone zamacola come
up to sing and President and his wife gave talks. It was a great
conference, really spiritual but not too many people came (about 10
less than normal). This branch still is at risk of being closed so we
are making our last efforts to help the members. We are trying to help
them convert to the gospel so this branch can have its own leaders
instead of 4 missionaries doing everything.

We have been busy planning and stressing about this branch so my comp
hasn’t had time to be trunky! He is great, he has taught me a lot and
helped me become a better missionary. Im excited for the new
experiences ahead but it will be hard to say goodbye to him.

Things are great here in chivay! Turns out one of our investigators
that works in a souvenir store is a millionaire. When went to her
house in another village to give service and she lives in an amazingly
beautiful house. Her husband made his own lord of the rings house (it
was my paradise) haha. IT has started to get really cold at nights, I
finally bought a sleeping bag which has saved my life. The work is
progressing and im healthy and happy! Thanks for all the love and
support from home, have a great week!

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