Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This week was great! 

Last week we went to the waterfalls! We hiked a little ways up the canyon. We played around, ate lunch and played games. It was really fun, my camera died so i didnt take many photos.

 For new years our zone went to Chilis to eat! It was great to get some US food. Like Christmas, everyone and their dog goes out in the street and lights off fireworks! At midnight the whole sky was full of colors/explosions. It was great. The next morning we had to get back to work, no one was outside. It was really a ghost town.

Yesterday it rained for the first time in 1 year+. I had to open my bags to find my rain coat, i thought i would never get to use it! While it was raining here it was snowing in the mountains or volcanos. This morning we woke up and it was beautiful, i felt like i was back at home!

Cool experience. We went to a members house to visit them, they are the family that we rescued in November. The 2 daughters received their patriarchal blessings and i helped them with their english and they got jobs to nanny for people in the states! We went to visit their mom and the other younger daughters. One of the daughters was really sick (barely was moving) she is 9 and had a fever of 39 Celsius which is about 102 degrees. I gave her a blessing and the next day we came back and she was great! I told her that the blessing worked but she said "No era la bendicion o Usted, Era Dios" (It wasn't a blessing from you, it was from God) it was pretty humbling for me to remember that i am Gods servant.

Things are great! I have a couple days left with the Marriott family as my penchanista! Its been great eating something besides rice! I'm happy, healthy and working hard! Thanks for all the love and support from home!

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