Friday, July 17, 2015

temple trip

Hey Everyone that still reads my emails! This week was great, it was the anniversary of chivay. This week everyone from all the other villages came in to celebrate the anniversary. They all have their traditional clothing from their own areas and it was just a fun atmosphere.
Yesterday was the dedication of the temple. We brought about 12 members down to go see one session of the dedication. It was great because our converts Hna. Blanca and her son martin got to see it and learn more of the importance of the temples.
I learned alot in the dedication. Something i learned is that ¨sin nuestros muertos no podemos ser perfeccionados¨ Our personal and the salvation of our ancestors depend on the work we do in the temple. We need to do this work. About 1% of what we do in the temple is for ourselves but after we receive our ordinances the rest of the time we go is for those whom havent received these ordinances.  Inside the temple we can recieve the biggest blessing that God has for us.
I dont think our church would go through so much trouble looking for ancestors, keeping their records, building these temples and performing these ordinances if it wasnt the work of God. 

I had a really spiritual experience last week. In preach my gospel it says that we should renew our testimony about the book of mormon so that when we teach we can be more powerful and effictive. Last week i prayed againt to know if the book of mormon was true, i didnt recieve an answer immediatley but i decided to continue praying/looking. In the opening prayer for the 12 o´clock session the brother in his prayer said ¨estamos reunidos aqui, los decendientes de lehi tu siervo fiel¨when he said that they were gathered together (decendents of lehi) i felt the spirit really strong and started to cry.I knew at that moment that what he said is true that they really are descendents of Lehi and that the book of mormon is true. It was great to feel the spirit so strong and to reconfirm my testimony.
I was glad to see that on some parts of our family tree we have alot of work done but there still is alot of work to do! I hope everyone can make a goal to at least find one more person and go to the temple to perform this work!
Everything is good in Peru! Thanks for all that you do for me, have a great week!!

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