Friday, July 17, 2015


Last week in Chivay! Elder Yglesias was heading home so we decided to get all the photos from everyones camera to share them. The day before he left i was copying his photos and i when i took his memory out it deleted all of his photos! He had a year of his mission on his camera and i deleted it all! I felt horrible and we didnt know what to do, he was really sad and i didnt want to see him leave without his memories! Luckily Elder Kehoe is a computer genius and could figure out how to recover them. I couldnt imagine going home having lost all of your photos.

Our zone leaders called and said that i have a transfer to mollendo! It was really sad to leave chivay. I didnt want to go, i had to speak in church yesterday and i cried really hard. Our members had a going away party and more members showed up to the party than sacrament meeting. They went around in a circle saying things and i didnt realize the impact i have had on them. I feel so blessed for the opportunity to have been in chivay, i will never forget those members. They have all become my second family, i will miss them so much.

We had two funny experiences this week! 

1- In sunday school with the young men and women. we were going around and asking the high and low of the week. One of the members said "well my friend escaped from prison and called me.... i hope they find him"

2- Last night we forgot our keys in the room, our recent convert is the owner and she has extra keys but she went to arequipa for the weekend. We went to a store and borrowed a small ladder to get up to the second floor. I climbed up and scaled across the second floor and got in through our window. During the process many people passed by staring at us, probably thinking that we were trying to break into a house.

Well now im in mollendo! im excited for new experiences. Im the new district leader and im a little nervous because i dont know anyone in my district but we will see how it goes! My new comp is Elder Heywood from Arizona, he seems like a great guy im sure that we will have a great time together!

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