Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I have never been this happy and excited. 

Before i start I’d like to thank everyone who got me to this point in my life.

i am blessed to have such a supportive family/friends. 

      This week felt really long, i learned so much and i was constantly working. I have got alot done but yet it feels like

i got here yesterday. The gift of tongues is real!! After the first day I was praying in Spanish. After the second

day i was baring testimony and teaching lesions.... sort of. We sound like the kids that go up on fast and

testimony meetings and bare their testimonies. It is very generic, simple and rehearsed but it is a start.

    Well a little bit about the MTC or the CCM. There are about 130 missionaries here and 10 of them are

sisters. There is a 12 ft wall around the whole place; it makes you feel like you are in prison. We flew in at

night so we didn’t get to see much of Peru until today (our p day).

    It is winter here so the weather feels great,

it is overcast most of the time but it burns off like in California. I think we’ve seen the sky once or twice so

that’s good. The are 3 main buildings. We live in a dorm with the elders and sisters on a different side, the

class rooms are on the bottom level.

    The other building is the cafeteria; it has an assembly

room/church/barber shop on the top floor. The last building is just the receptionist building where all of our

paper work is.


My companion is Elder Larsen. We get along great, he is awesome. We play ping pong occasionally and he

is really good. I beat him once and he was frustrated the rest of the day haha. When we first got here we

didn’t have our badges yet and when we got them it was pretty special. They are pretty symbolic and putting

them on feels so powerful, I put my tag on everyone morning and its hard to explain... it just gets me excited

to go preach.


The food here is great!! For breakfast it is pretty much eggs and toast. We occasionally get a bowl of

yogurt and throw some cereal in it. Lunch and Dinner are pretty much the same, rice and some kind of

meat. This is what we like to call {the mystery soup of the day[ it usually has some weird bone or some

kind of meat in it.


We aren’t allowed to take pictures unless it is p-day. We can’t take any of inside the buildings because they

are set apart but it pretty much looks like the provo sport camp dorms. I can’t send any pictures in the mtc so

you will get alot of pictures coming in 5 weeks from now.

Today was our first p day. We woke up at 5 and went to the temple. We crammed in the local bus that costs

50 souls to ride. The temple was beautiful and really small. I felt the spirit really strong and I thought of how

blessed I am to have gone through with my whole family -Jensen. I thought of the first time I went through

and saw all my sisters waiting for me at the end, it felt like I had died and gone to heaven. 


There is something so powerful about the temple, and having witnessed my sisters wedding I know there is no other

way to get married. We got to go shopping after, I bought a llama tie and a coin purse because you carry

alot of coins for buses and buying small items. We went to the grocery store and I got a coke! I collect coke

cans but i know if I continue doing it during my mission i will have no luggage space at the end.

Elder Pederson from our stake left the day before I got there. He left a note for me and sister larsen. It was

very nice, just saying welcome and some advice about the language and such. Elder Roberts is here and it

is nice to have familiar faces around (Elder Brunken, Elder Olsen).


I will briefly explain what the average day is like. Waking up At 6:30 showering, ironing your shirt, go to

breakfast, personal study, spanish class until lunch, spanish class again and then we get an hour of physical

activity or as the elders like to call it "yard time". WE occasionally have assemblies or firesides. Last night a

member of the 70 talked and it was translated to English for the gringos. We watch alot of conference talks

and occasionally the district, they are really powerful.


I know without a doubt in my mind that this is where i need to be. The spirit is so strong and being around all

of these elders makes me happy, there are some of the nicest people I have ever met here. I am nervous

that I wont get the language down but I know that if I have the spirit The lord will convey what I need to say

through the spirit. I have been blessed to have so many great leaders through out my life prepare me for this

moment. My testimony in this church grows more and more each day.


Joke of the week- upon arrival here at 2 am, we walked into the building with the dorms and saw the elders

down the hall start to walk up the stairs. We started to go up the stairs at the other end of the building and

one of the leaders stopped us and said "elder stop, that is the staircase you take if you want to go home (the

girls staircase)" so now every time we pass it we ask each other "does anyone wanna go home? I hear there

is a guy up there waiting to give you your plane ticket."

I’m staying here for 2 years!

Elder Mitch Man

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